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NTR Radio

Sep 30, 2018

The NTR Radio team continues the history of anime series with anime of the 1960s.

Show notes:

Anime Mentioned:

  • Attack No. 1
  • Sazae-san
  • Tiger Mask
  • Dororo
  • World Masterpiece Theater
  • Cyborg 009
  • GeGeGe no Kitaro
  • Sally the Witch
  • Mach GoGoGo (Speed Racer)
  • Tetsujin 28-go
  • Gigantor
  • Alakazam the Great
  • Otogi Manga Calendar (Instant...

Sep 24, 2018

The NTR Radio crew embarks on a journey through time, covering the history of anime, beginning with its earliest history.

Show notes:

Second Segment

Sep 3, 2018

The fireteam discusses the ins and outs of girls with guns!